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Product Description

ttfone tt180


This phone is an ideal companion for senior individuals, especially as it has features that are apt for the needs and temperament of seniors. However, anyone who is interested in a simple, easy to phone use can consider purchasing ttfone tt180 senior mobile phone.


Presenting ttfone tt180 senior mobile phone

Ttfone tt180 has an attractive crystal white display that not only makes this phone appealing, but also helps the user in easy viewing. It is an apt phone for elderly and technically challenged individuals. The big buttons are extremely handy and helpful in viewing and typing text messages. The designers have taken care to keep the screen large; in addition, this phone also has a functional keystroke talking facility.


Ttfone tt180 Testing

I was seriously looking for a good phone for senior citizens and hence was glad when I got a chance to test this phone. I am enthralled to help you with my experience with this phone. First and foremost, the crystal white display is a very thoughtful feature as it helps elderly individuals with easy viewing of messages. Not to mention, the large buttons is also an additional feature in the same league. SOS emergency button and torch display are also integrated in this basic mobile phone to be of utmost use to seniors. The FM radio is also a good extra for senior citizens who like music. It comes with easy instruction manual that makes it easier to set up and handle.


Ttfone tt180 Facts

Weight of 259g

Basic, user-friendly mobile phone

Comes with an easy Instruction manual

It is compatible with all GSM carriers

FM radio and torch display to assist seniors

SOS emergency button



It is a basic mobile phone meant for elderly and children, and hence one should not expect many fancy features in this ttfone tt180. It is ideal for seniors who look for ease of use, and who want a phone that can help the m communicate easily and efficiently with their loved ones. What’s more, its SOS emergency button is integrated in this phone to help elderly receive right help in the time of need. FM radio button is meant to satisfy the entertainment quotient of seniors.

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