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Product Description

TTfone TT180 

TTfone TT180 is undoubtedly one of the best easy to use phones available in the market. It is an ideal phone for individuals who are looking for a no-hassle phone, preferably with loud volume and large buttons.

Presenting TTfone TT180 – Senior Mobile Phone

Hi! I am Brad! I am immensely pleased to present to you the TTfone TT180, the best possible phone for seniors. Special features such as one-touch SOS emergency help button make it actually a must have for aged individuals. It also has a FM radio that can help you buy enjoy music. The best part is that it has talking buttons that make it best suited for old people who are visually challenged.

TTfone TT180 – Senior Mobile Phone Testing

I wanted to gift a phone to my grandmother and hence tested this phone personally, and I have discovered after testing this phone that there are very phones that are as user-friendly as TTfone TT180 – Senior Mobile Phone for seniors. The sound quality is amazing and it has a very clear and loud volume, making it functional for elderly individuals. Even the buttons are large and distinct, thus making it easy for users to type message or make calls. It has a torch function as well. One of the distinguishing features of TTfone TT180 – Senior Mobile Phone is that it is compatible with SIM cards of all networks; however, please be informed that it is not compatible with 3G SIMs.

TTfone TT180 – Senior Mobile Phone Facts

998 g of boxed-weight

Best phone for children and elderly

Compatible with all networks except 3G

SOS Emergency button

Large and distinct buttons

Loud and clear volume


Anyone who is looking for a simple, no-nonsense, easy-to-use phone would love TTfone TT180 – Senior Mobile Phone. It is a basic phone with no extra feature such as camera etc. The SOS emergency button is an excellent addition for elderly individuals who are prone to accidents or similar emergencies. It even facilitates you to personalize the settings and is quite easy to set up. All in all, a good product for a reasonable price!

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