500GB External Silver

500GB External Silver Hard Drive – Toshiba RD329DTKB


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500 GB External Silver Hard Drive – Toshiba

 500 GB External Silver Hard Drive Toshiba is certainly on the best possible storage solutions available in the market at present.  It is light-weight and compact, making it a popular choice.

Presenting 500 GB External Silver Hard Drive – Toshiba

Hi! I am Brad and I am taking immense delight in presenting a

storage device of the caliber of 50 GB External Silver Hard Drive – Toshiba. It has a distinguished fan-less design that makes it appealing to individuals who like noise-less appliances.  And how can I forget to mention that it is especially known for its unsurpassed performance and sleek design.


500 GB External Silver Hard Drive – Toshiba Testing

I was immensely delighted when I got a chance to review this performance-oriented storage device, especially as I had heard a lot about it from some very technology savvy people. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this product has managed to bowl me over by its extraordinary performance and storage capacity. It is a responsive hard-drive hard drive with a single USB connection. It is protected with a sturdy aluminum casing, thus ensuring that your data and files remain relatively safe when compared to storage devices with a plastic casing. Not to mention, that it has a massive memory that is capable of meeting the storage needs of majority of us.

 500 GB External Silver Hard Drive – Toshiba Facts

Small and Portable

41 g of weight

Has a dimension of   18×4×12 cm

Consumes relatively less power

Small, silent and portable

Fan-less design

Sturdy aluminum casing



This 500 GB External Silver Hard Drive from Toshiba is natural choice of many a tech-savvy people, as it offers amazing value for money. Its massive memory ensures that you save all your data easily, and its sleek and compact design facilitates you to carry it anywhere you like. It does not occupy much space and can be kept beside the best of your devices, as it is capable of enhancing the look of any study room. If you are looking for quality and affordability, then this is the product for you!

Toshiba PX1626E-1HE0 StorE Alu2 2.5 …


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